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Full-Length Tank Hawaiian Dresses

Mega Orchid White Long Tank Hawaiian Dress

Ky's International Fashion

Hawaii is known for its lush, floral landscapes and its fragrant flowers - it is home to hibiscus, plumerias, bird of paradise and gardenias. Although only three species of orchids originally come from Hawaii, the Big Island of Hawaii's nickname was coined "The Orchid Isle" because of the discovery of these orchids in its environment. Orchids continue to be a cherished, unique island flower. This long, white Hawaiian tank dress features beautiful giant white orchids, as well as smaller yellow orchids and red bromeliad flowers.

This vivid floral pattern is beautifully printed in vibrant detail on this Hawaiian tank dress. This classic, sleeveless dress is made from 100 percent cotton and has a zipper back for ease in your wardrobe changes. We've even added an extra little touch of comfort in the slits on the sides. This ultra-flattering white Hawaiian dress is versatile and can be worn from occasions that range from casual to formal - it has even been worn as a Hawaiian wedding dress! Because of its cool comfort and its premium attention to details, this dress is likely to become your very favorite dress. Its cotton material is natural and breathable - it is perfect for balmy, beachy days in the sun. This is an authentically made-in-Hawaii item, so you can be assured of its premium craftsmanship and attention to detail. This dress has been lovingly made with the "aloha spirit" and is available now at

Made in Hawaii.

This dress comes in a matching Hawaiian shirt.
Sizing Chart (inches)
Size Bust Waist Hips Length
Small 30 27 37 51
Medium 32 29 39 52
Large 34 31 41 53
XLarge 37 34 43 54
2XLarge 41 36 47 55

The manufacturer recommends that you choose a size that is 2 inches bigger for comfort.

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