Tropic Fever Matching Hawaiian Shirts and Dresses

Looking for a cute themed outfit set to wear on vacation or to an event? Matching Hawaiian shirts and dresses are fun, colorful attire for him and her that both halves will love. Our Tropic Fever outfits will only make you sick with one thing: an impeccable sense of style. This Aloha attire features the hibiscus and the plumeria, two of Hawaii's most recognized flowering plants, in an all-over print design. The hibiscus is the official state flower and is known for its beauty, while the plumeria acts almost like a perfume when worn, giving these garments a fever-like quality indeed.

Our matching Hawaiian outfits for couples can be worn for a luau, a beach wedding, a party or any other time you and your partner want to match in perfect harmony. Ladies will love our Tropic Fever flounce sundresses that are flattering and flowy. These cotton poplin tank Hawaiian dresses with a sweetheart neckline have a vibrant glow that will sparkle in the sun. If you need more active apparel, women's fitted Hawaiian blouses have the same fun style with a trimmer cut. Pair them with a Tropic Fever Aloha shirt for the guys and you have a couple's outfit that both will want to wear again and again.