November 02, 2020

Bring some island cheer to your loved ones this holiday season with some wearable Aloha. Nothing expresses the carefree happy lifestyle of the islands more than the perfect Hawaiian shirt or dress. We have prints ranging from boldly colorful to the elegantly subtle and everything in between. Here are a few gift ideas to help you get your Christmas shopping off to a fast and convenient start. 

Ginger Orchid Red

If you’re looking for something fun with a dash of Christmasy feel to it, the Ginger Orchid red Hawaiian shirt is a good place to start. With its bright red color with splashes of white and green, this is the shirt Santa would wear if he were vacationing in Hawaii. Better yet, this print is also available in number of stunning women’s tops and dresses. 

Ginger Orchid red Hawaiian shirts, tops, and dresses

Christmas Themed Shirts

Maybe you're looking for a literal Christmas Aloha shirt for Christmas morning or some other holiday event. If that's the case, be sure to check out our collection of Christmas shirts. Due to the pandemic, supplies are limited and some sizes are not available. But if you do find the size you're looking for, it is sure to add a nice Aloha vibe to your Holiday festivities. 

Christmas Hawaiian Shirts

Bamboo Garden (any color)

This year will be remembered as the year many Americans became all too familiar with working from home and distance learning. One of the things you could do to make working from home a little bit more fun is to wear what makes you happy. And that’s where the Bamboo Garden shirts come in. These subtle Aloha shirts help you achieve an understated resort look without looking like you’re partying in Waikiki on your next Zoom meeting. 

Bamboo Garden black and white shirts and dresses by Paradise Found

Shirts from Magnum PI

This year, not only did Americans start working from home, they also started streaming far more movies and TV shows than ever before. Countless customers have told us they love wearing one of the Magnum PI shirts while watching either the original show or the new one. In fact, people tell us they just love wearing the shirts, period, and look for excuses to wear it whenever they can. Not all of us can be as cool as Magnum PI, but we can at least dress like him as we go about our lives facing and overcoming some of the challenges of our time. 

The most famous of the Magnum PI shirts is, of course, the red Jungle Bird shirt which is in the Smithsonian. Hands down, if you are looking for an iconic gift, this is it. Both Tom Selleck and Jay Hernandez wore this (shirt and many others) on the original and new Magnum PI shows respectively. 

original Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found with Stingray

While the original red Magnum PI shirt is the most famous, we love the black version because it’s a little bit easier to wear in more circumstances. Tom Selleck also wore this shirt in the original show. 

Magnum PI black Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

The purple Calla Lily shirt is special, not because Tom Selleck wore it on the original show, but because he picked out this shirt himself to wear on the show. Jay Hernandez also wore in on an episode of the new Magnum PI. But it is the fact that Tom Selleck personally chose this shirt at the old Paradise Found office in downtown Honolulu that makes this shirt extra special. 

Calla Lily purple Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

The Mini Anthurium shirts were worn by both Tom Selleck on the original show and Jay Hernandez on the new show. Tom Selleck wore the blue one while Jay Hernandez wore the black and red ones. We particularly like the blue and black versions as they match with pretty much anything. 

Mini Anthurium blue Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

Super Hibiscus

The Super Hibiscus shirts and dresses are for people who want something that pretty much screams Aloha! This is not a shirt you’d give to someone who wants to look professional on a Zoom meeting. This is for someone who wants to exude a bold, confident, vacation mode attitude. 

Super Hibiscus collection of shirts and dresses by Paradise Found

Bamboo Paradise Cream

Perhaps the Super Hibiscus print is a little too flashy and flamboyant for you. Maybe you want something more understated yet just as tropical for your gift. If that's the case, check out the perennially popular Bamboo Paradise cream Hawaiian shirt and matching women's tops and dresses. It is also available in navy and black but we love the soothing vibe of the cream version that almost makes you feel like you're relaxing in the tropical breeze in Hawaii.  

Bamboo Paradise cream Hawaiian shirt and dress by Paradise Found

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