Long Tank Dresses

Full-Length Tank Hawaiian Dresses

The wahine (woman) has been at the heart and spirit of Hawaii from the formation of its islands. The legend states that Hawaii's creation began with a ferocious competition between two goddesses: Poliahu (the goddess of snow) and Pele (the goddess of volcanic fire). This fiery spirit of women is an inspiration for all our women's products, including our full-length tank maxi dresses. Hawaiian women in the past used what was offered from their lush, green and floral environments to create their clothing. Our vividly brilliant colors and patterns bring the tropical spirit of the Aloha State to your wardrobe by incorporating the beauty of our flowers, greens and trees into our designs. The beautiful flowers of our island paradise are displayed on our Hawaiian print dresses. You will find the ever-popular and beloved pua aloalo (the hibiscus flower - Hawaii's state flower), gardenias, ferns and more.