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Fun Things about Hawaii and Hawaiian Apparel

There's more to the Aloha spirit than just wearing one of our fun Hawaii shirts or dresses. The team at knows all the ins and outs of island culture, and we want to be able to share these things with you even if you're never able to set of foot on the Hawaiian sand. (We understand if it's too hard for you to make it happen.) Here you can find lots of fun content that you can peruse while shopping or when you have some extra time. We'll help you learn about Hawaiian clothing and customs so you can experience more of what it's like to live Aloha.

Island attire has a fascinating history, and our articles about Hawaiian apparel can help you make a more informed purchase or just impress your friends with trivia. Our content will get you up to speed on major developments and styles, current trends, the tradition of Aloha Friday and culturally significant apparel such as the "Magnum PI" shirt. We also have a cool video about how Hawaiian clothing is made. Want to add more Aloha to your life? Look at our Hawaiian recipes and theme party planning tips. 

Of course, sometimes you just want to gaze at people on the beach. Who doesn't? We have an assortment of photo and video galleries so you can see different Aloha apparel in action. This is a great tool for if you're considering several different Hawaiian dresses for ladies or men's Hawaiian shirts, and want to compare them side-by-side. Send us your best Aloha shirt photos and we'll post them to our Facebook or Instagram accounts so you can show off for the world. Like what you see here? Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to get all the latest fun content along with new products and discounts you won't find anywhere else.