Mens Hawaiian Shirts

Since their origination in the 1930s, Hawaiian shirts have become one of the most recognizable styles ever created. Whether you opt for a traditional panel Hawaiian shirt, vintage print Hawaiian shirt, scenic Hawaiian shirt or any other design, Aloha FunWear has the men's Hawaiian shirts you're looking for. 

Hawaiian shirts for men make the perfect gift for Father's Day or as a birthday present for that particularly colorful person in your life. It's no wonder so many television shows and movies have incorporated this vibrant piece into their wardrobe - as soon as a person in a Hawaiian shirt walks in, you know the party is about to start. Bring a fun, energetic and carefree vibe to your everyday life by adding Hawaiian shirts to your ensemble.

All-over print Hawaiian shirts are renowned for their incredible colors and enduring status as a fashion staple. Match one of these shirts with a tasteful pair of khakis and feel yourself instantly transported to life in the islands.

For those in need of a more subdued and professional Hawaiian-style men's shirt, our panel Hawaiian shirts are the perfect choice. These shirts are perfect for a beach wedding, tropical getaway with your loved one or a night on the town during the warm summer months.

To add some pop culture into your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with a retro and vintage print Hawaiian shirt. It's clear to see why this style of shirt is popular with everyone from office professionals to skate park renegades - a retro Hawaiian shirt never goes out of style and can be converted to suit almost any occasion.

Aloha FunWear was founded in 1999, and since then we have become the hands-down authority on all things Hawaiian style. From Hawaiian shirts for men to muumuus for women, our selection is sure to bring the warm winds of the tropical islands to your closet. Want fashionable tips and tricks on how to add some island style to your wardrobe? Stay tuned to our blog. If you come across any questions while browsing our site or would prefer to place your order over the phone, give our helpful Customer Support team a call at 1-800-594-8798.