Panel Print Hawaiian Shirts

Panel Hawaiian Shirts

Panel shirts are one of the most popular forms of Hawaiian shirts and are an excellent way to get fun and funky without going over the edge. These men's floral shirts are a variation on the basic print Hawaiian print shirt seen around the world. While both styles feature a recurring pattern, usually involving flowers or foliage, an Aloha panel shirt arranges its print - as the name would suggest - in one or more vertical panels. By bringing some organization to their vibrant design, they offer a more sophisticated look for casual office days and Tiki bars while still capturing the spirit of the island.

These Aloha shirts are known to many as "Hawaii Five-O" Hawaiian shirts because of their frequent appearances on the popular television show - both the original and the modern remake. Whether you're Danno booking a suspect or headed for a weekend getaway, you'll feel comfortable and stylish wearing a 100 percent cotton panel Hawaiian shirt for men. We have traditional single-panel Aloha shirts with one print up and down either side of the buttons. We also make multi-panel shirts with flowers running down both sides of the front, on the sides of the shirt and even on the sleeves, depending on how bright and buoyant you want to look.

Hawaiian panel shirts from come in many different contrasting colors that are printed with island flowers such as hibiscus and orchids. Our red and black Hawaiian shirt with white flowers is a top seller. You can also get green and blue Hawaiian shirts for a calmer look. Each made-in-Hawaii shirt has a matching pocket and real coconut buttons for an authentic feel. We have been a trusted producer of fun Hawaiian shirts for men since 1999 and are known for our quality products and dedicated service. Contact us to learn about group discounts for events or if you have a special request.