Engineered & Border Print Hawaiian Shirts

Engineered and Border Print Hawaiian Shirts

Because of the extensive tailoring needed, engineered border-style men's Hawaiian shirts were once considered a luxury item because of the amount of material used when manufacturing them. Great skill and care was needed to meticulously sew these shirts so that the image would be seamlessly matched across the front. Designs - which ranged from fun to classic - were thoughtfully created and produced, and painstaking measurements were taken so that the sides, hems and sleeves were identical. The pockets sometimes perfectly matched the shirt's pattern and its design tended to be longer. Today, modern advances have ensured that all the unique features of engineered border-style shirts are still present in their design and construction. Great skill and experience of the design artist is still crucial in making sure that the beginning and the end of the shirt's design is not distinguishable as the pattern repeats.