Muumuu Collection


Hawaiians have historically used their lush, tropical environments to create and inspire their clothing styles and patterns. The Islands' abundant leaves, flowers and trees were used to create and decorate its inhabitants' clothing, and have been a cherished part of the "island style" for centuries. The warm climate often causes its inhabitants to choose loose, comfortable clothing in natural and breathable fabrics. The creation of muumuu clothing was a direct result of the need for loose styles and fabric.

Our high-quality, 100 percent cotton Hawaiian muumuus are available in two styles - ruffle shoulder and short sleeved - and are cool, relaxed and feminine. We even offer a long, white wedding style muumuu for island-style weddings! Our authentic long, Hawaiian muumuus are available in a wide variety of prints and patterns. They remain versatile enough to be worn to any occasion - from casual to formal. Wear your muumuu dress to hula halaus, weddings and parties - take the spirit of aloha and the style of our beloved Hawaiian Islands wherever you go.

The ruffle-shoulder muumuu dress can be worn on- or off-the-shoulder, depending on your mood. The ruffled hemline is shorter in front and longer in back. The short sleeve muumuu has a ruffled collar and hemline and, like the ruffled-shoulder muumuu, it can be worn either on-the-shoulder or off-the-shoulder for a sexy, beachy look. Our popular wedding muumuu dress for women is the short-sleeve style muumuu and features a white on white hibiscus panel pattern. These cotton muumuu dress prints feature the most popular flowers of Hawaii including the pua aloalo (the hibiscus flower - Hawaii's state flower) and the plumeria flower - a tropical flower known for its intoxicating perfume-like fragrance. There is a color and a print for every wahine in our muumuu collection - from soft purples to sunny yellows.

It is impossible to not feel the happy, Hawaiian spirit when wearing these classic muumuu styles! The vivid, brilliant prints and comfortable, loose styles are sure to become your very favorite, go-to items. The easy-care cotton material is wash and go. Each of our authentic Hawaiian muumuu dresses is made with exquisite detail and craftsmanship in our beautiful state of Hawaii, and is guaranteed to become one of your favorite dresses for years to come!