2022 Christmas Gift Ideas

2022 Christmas Gift Ideas

Nothing says Aloha more than the gift of an awesome Aloha shirt or dress. When you wear a piece of Aloha, it is hard not to feel just a little bit happier and more relaxed. And who doesn’t want some of that in today’s fast paced and often stressful world? So to help you get started on finding that perfect gift we have created a list of our favorite shirts and dresses that we’ll be giving this Christmas. And don't forget to use the code MELEK10 (expires Dec 15) when you check out to get 10% off your order. 


Magnum PI Red Hawaiian Shirt - If there is one shirt that people are likely to recognize when you go out, it is this red Jungle Bird shirt by Paradise Found. Although it is just one of the many Aloha shirts that Tom Selleck wore on the show, this is the shirt that is associated with his character. This awesome shirt also comes in black


Genuine Magnum PI Shirt by Paradise Found

Ohia Navy Men's Shirt - The Ohia collection of men's and women's outfits has been extremely popular since their introduction in the summer of 2022. This navy version is particularly striking in an understated way. 

Ohia Men's Hawaiian Shirt in Navy by Paradise Found

Tropic Fever Purple Men's Shirt - This purple cotton shirt by Pacific Legend is always a fan favorite due to its pleasant design. We also find that most of the purple shirts we offer tend to be popular, perhaps because there aren't many purple shirts out there. But whatever the reason, this shirt makes an excellent gift.

Tropic Fever Men's Hawaiian Shirt by Pacific Legend 

Star Orchid Navy Men's Shirt - This is the navy version of the black shirt that has been popular since the 1980s. Did you know that this print was released around 14 different colors between the 1980s and early 2000s? For the past decade or so, it's only been available in black. We are hearing rumors of another color coming in 2023 so we're looking forward to that!

Star Orchid Men's Aloha Shirt in Navy

Hula Hut Retro Shirt - If you're looking for a shirt with a retro design from the 50s and 60s, check out this Hula Hut shirt by Avanti Designs. We love the old-school artwork that's a throwback to a different era. 

Hula Hut Retro Hawaiian Shirt by Avanti Designs

Heliconia Paradise Cream Men's Shirt - The Heliconia Paradise collection by Paradise Found came out in mid-2022 and is available in cream, black, and red men's and women's styles. We love how the red Bird of Paradise flowers pop on the cream background. 

Men's Heliconia Paradise Hawaiian Shirt in Cream

White Hibiscus Panel Men's Shirt - Some shirts stand the test of time and this White Hibiscus Panel men's shirt in red has done exactly that. We have seen similar prints from other brands over the years but none have had the staying power as this one. The vertical nature of this print give it a flattering and slimming quality that many people appreciate. It is also available in an all-white version that is popular for weddings. 

Men's White Hibiscus Panel in Red

Calla Lily Purple Men's Shirt - We love the slightly retro vibe of this handsome purple shirt. This shirt was worn by both Tom Selleck and Jay Hernandez in their respective Magnum PI shows. And back in the 1980s, Tom Selleck reportedly picked out this shirt from the old Paradise Found showroom in downtown Honolulu. This shirt also comes in black

Men's Calla Lily Purple Hawaiian Shirt by Paradise Found

Beer Blast Men's Shirt - Chances are you know someone who not only likes beer, but LOVES it! And this shirt is for those people. This Beer Blast shirt by Pacific Legend also comes in navy

Men's Beer Blast Hawaiian Shirt in White

White Ginger Khaki Men's Shirt - This handsome Aloha shirt is a great gift for someone who strives to be both tropical and understated at the same time. This versatile shirt can be worn to the office (some offices anyway) or out on vacation. It also comes in a peri blue, jade green, and red shirts and dresses

Men's White Ginger Hawaiian Shirt in Khaki



Star Orchid Camp Shirt - This top is always been a customer favorite and looks great with a pair of jeans or shorts. And if you like the print but prefer a dress, this print comes in a cute spaghetti dress and an elegant long dress

Women's Star Orchid Black Camp Shirt


Heliconia Paradise Black Long Dress - This gorgeous dress is a new addition to the collection of long dresses by Paradise Found. It also comes in cream and red in this long dress style as well as women's camp shirts and men's Aloha shirts. 

Heliconia Paradise Black Long Dress by Paradise Found


Jungle Dream Women's Top - Looking for a something that leaves no doubt about your tropical intentions? This bold Jungle Dream shirt is just the gift. It also comes in a matching men's shirt.

Jungle Dream Women's Hawaiian Shirt by Aloha Republic


Ohia Navy Camp Shirt - This new print has a nice understated look that gives of a tropical vibe without screaming. It comes navy, black, and sage and is available in a long dress and matching men's shirts.

Ohia Women's Camp Shirt in Navy by Paradise Found

White Ginger Jade Dress with Sleeves - The White Ginger collection of shirts and dresses is a recent addition from Paradise Found. It also comes in khaki and red colors. This beautiful jade dress comes with sleeves for extra coverage. 

White Ginger Jade Dress with Sleeves

Diamond Head Dusk Blue Women's Top - This classic scenic print with Diamond Head in the background is a super popular look. Many Aloha shirt brands have their own version of this print. This particular shirt is made by Aloha Republic and is a perennial favorite. It also comes in a red version as well as a matching men's shirt

Diamond Head Dusk Women's Fitted Top by Aloha Republic


Bamboo Garden Black Tank Dress - The simple Bamboo Garden black tank dress adds some paradise flair to "the little black dress" with a subtle bamboo design. If you want a simple black dress with a bolder look, consider the Tiare black dress as an alternative. The Bamboo Garden tank dress comes other dress styles and tops and men's Hawaiian shirts

Bamboo black tank dress by Paradise Found

Ginger Orchid Royal Tank Dress - This pretty dress was previously available as a spaghetti dress and was only recently made in this lovely tank dress. It also comes in a vibrant red dress and a classy black dress as part of a matching set of men's and women's outfits

Ginger Orchid Royal Tank Dress

Bamboo Paradise Black Spaghetti Dress - This always popular cute little dress features beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers and subtle bamboo on a black background. It also comes in cream and navy colors as well as a matching set of other women's and men's outfits

Bamboo Paradise black spaghetti dress by Paradise Found

Jungle Bird Red Camp Shirt - You can't go wrong with the Jungle Bird red camp shirt. Not only is this a top-selling women's shirt, it is also the #1 men's shirt. Even better is that it comes in a v-neck top as well as spaghetti and tank dress styles. 

Women's Jungle Bird Red Camp Shirt by Paradise Found