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October 05, 2019

Now that it's fall, you may be thinking about the cool weather and how to "get through" for the coming months. However, even if you can't get away to a tropical location this fall, there are ways to keep the carefree spirit of tropical island life alive with fun experiences and festive aloha fashions. Here are some ideas to try.

Plan a Vacation

There's nothing like a getaway to boost the aloha spirit. If you can head somewhere tropical during the cooler months, that's a great way to go. But even a short weekend trip to a cottage or retreat center is a good option. If you have the means to fly, try these long weekend jetsetter ideas. If not, check into local road trips. Visit an area of your state, or a neighboring state, that you've never seen.

If a fall trip isn't in the budget but you can save up for one, work on the plans for a trip a year from now. Simply planning a vacation can often put you into the aloha spirit as you think about those carefree days on the beach or wherever you like best.

Participate in a New Activity

Sometimes all it takes to improve your mood and boost that aloha spirit is a new experience. Try a fun painting class with friends, like this Autumn Aloha Art Escape or a Painting with a Twist in your area. Visit a local museum you've never been to, or simply explore a nearby town that's unfamiliar to you. You don't have to spend a lot of money to enrich your life with a new experience.

If you're tapped out on activity ideas, try volunteering for an organization you believe in. Check out, searching for volunteer opportunities in your geographic area that fit your interests. You will be surprised at the aloha spirit that comes from generosity.

Rearrange or Redecorate

Fall often means spending more time indoors. If you can't get away on a vacation, why not change your surroundings. Repaint a room, refurbish a piece of furniture, get some new art for your walls, rearrange a room or tackle a full remodeling project. The results will leave you feeling fulfilled, and you'll experience that vacation-like feeling of newness right there in your home.

Get Some New Clothes

Changing up your wardrobe is a great way to enjoy that renewed vacation-like feeling. It's especially effective if the clothes are fun, fashionable and bring a bit of Hawaiian aloha spirit into your life. At, our goal is to provide men and women with a wide range of fun Hawaiian fashions that evoke the aloha style, mindset and heart.

aerial group picture with Napa Valley Balloons

Sunrise over Sonoma with Napa Valley Balloons

We take special care in manufacturing quality fashions that are true to the diverse, ancient island paradise that is Hawaii. Let us deliver the spirit of one of our favorite Hawaiian beaches to you. The spirits of Waikiki Beach, Punalu'u Black Sand Beach, and Papailoa Beach are all present in our line of aloha shirts, dresses and blouses, all in a wide range of prints, ombre colors and designs.

Need ideas on what to order? Check out what's new on our website for some great ideas. Or have some fun with our matching sets for men and women. You may even want to bring a bit of the island life home with some of our fun accessories, like bags, aprons, pillow cases and greeting cards.

Whatever you choose, it's sure to bring the aloha spirit of happiness and carefree bliss to your fall. Aloha!

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