Creating the Right Hawaiian Shirt Look for Your Event

Creating the Right Hawaiian Shirt Look for Your Event

The day has finally arrived when you’ve been invited to a luau or Hawaiian-themed party. You eagerly send in your RSVP and start planning your attire. A Hawaiian shirt is a must but creating the right Hawaiian shirt look for your event should not be taken for granted. While the tropical toppers are all about relaxation and having a good time, putting together a Hawaiian shirt look for a party or wedding is a lot different than putting together a look for casual Friday at the office. Fortunately, Aloha FunWear is here to help create the right Hawaiian shirt look for any event.


wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a casual beach wedding

Weddings are typically formal, so the idea of wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a wedding can be a bit daunting. How casual can you go? Should you choose something bold and bright or more subdued? The answers to all of these questions are actually hidden in the invitation. Take look at the venue and the verbiage on the invitation as well as the invite itself to figure out which look to go for.

If the wedding is casual and taking place on the beach with an afterparty rather than a reception, it can be assumed that the bride and groom are looking for guests to have a good time. Go big, go bold and go order that bright Hawaiian shirt you’ve had your eye on. Just make sure to button it up for the actual ceremony and maybe tuck it into a pair of khakis. When in doubt about what to wear to a Hawaiian shirt wedding, it’s always acceptable to ask the bride or groom.


Wearing colorful Hawaiian shirt to an after work party

Heading to a luau or Hawaiian shirt party? Now is the time to pull out all the stops. Grab your brightest, best Hawaiian shirt and step out in style. Bold florals are always trendy, but feel free to pick a Hawaiian shirt with other imagery as well, including tropical birds or surfboards. Wear your shirt open over a simple white tee to give your look an even more casual and party-ready appeal.


Hawaiian shirt for work with a dark background and monotone print

Casual Friday does not mean you have a pass to look unprofessional. If you’re boldly donning a Hawaiian shirt to work, make sure you choose one that’s a little more conservative on the print. A solid color background with a bright, monotone floral print will give off a fun-filled vibe while still being work appropriate. Wear Hawaiian work shirts buttoned up and paired with dress pants to stay firmly in the category of professional yet casual.


Matching Mega Orchid Hawaiian shirt and dress

Vacation is the perfect time to break all the rules and that includes the rules of fashion. If you’re heading to an island oasis, you suddenly have the perfect opportunity to bring your brightest, most colorful Hawaiian shirt. Leave your worries at home, slip on a bright Hawaiian shirt and thoroughly enjoy being a tourist. Wear your shirt open, buttoned up or any way that makes you feel comfortable. Remember, vacation Hawaiian shirts aren’t just for Hawaii so be sure you have an Aloha print shirt packed if you’re heading anywhere that could be considered even remotely tropical.

For the best selection of Hawaiian shirts for every occasion, check out Aloha FunWear’s collection of Hawaiian shirts for men and women. We also carry Hawaiian sundresses and other fun tropical clothing to bring a little island style to your next adventure.