December 08, 2020

In a perfect world, you could just hop on a plane, fly to Hawaii, and have a wonderful vacation to remember for the rest of your life. As the pandemic subsides, a trip to Hawaii is becoming a reality for more people But for most of us, we'll just have to wait t little bit longer. But that does not mean you can’t experience a little bit of a Hawaiian vacation from the comforts of your own home. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll almost feel like you’re on vacation in Hawaii.

Get Up

Sounds of nature can have a positive impact on your mood. What better way to start the day than to wake up and hear the soothing sounds of the beach? While you’re still lying in bed, play the sounds of the beach and waves on your phone, iPad, or stereo system. You can download or stream this from your favorite music or streaming service. 

Get Dressed

Your mood is also impacted by what you wear. If you have a positive attitude or fond memories associated with a particular piece of clothing or outfit, those emotions tend to rub off on you when you wear it. So we highly recommend putting on your favorite Aloha shirt, top, or dress to start your day with an Aloha state of mind. 

get dressed in the morning in an Angels by the Sea top


If you’re vacationing in Hawaii, chances are you’ll have a Hawaii-style breakfast in the morning. One popular breakfast is Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice. Another is macadamia nut pancakes. For those who prefer something lighter, there’s pineapple, papaya, and mango (if you can get it where you live). If those aren’t available, then simple slices of apples, oranges, and strawberries also make a good healthy meal. And don’t forget your coffee. Regular coffee is fine, but if you were actually vacationing in Hawaii, you would probably have one of the many coffees with beans grown in Hawaii. 

Hawaiian Music

While you’re enjoying your Hawaiian breakfast, play some downloaded or streamed Hawaiian music. There is lots to choose from. You can’t go wrong with songs from Israel Kamakawiwoole. If you love the sound of the ukulele, check out the music of Jake Shimabukuro. It doesn’t really matter who you listen to as long as the music puts you in a tropical vacation mood.

Hawaii Beach Cam

You can also watch one of the many live beach cams in Hawaii. While there are many pre-recorded beach videos on YouTube, there’s something about watching a live stream from Hawaii that gives that extra sense of “being there”. This live feed from the Waikiki is a great place to start. 

Hang Out at the Pool

If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a swimming pool like at a condominium, don’t let that go to waste. Visitors to Hawaii like to spend time lounging on a pool deck or beach with a favorite book, getting a tan, or just enjoying doing nothing. So grab your bathing suit, hat, and a nice cold beverage and soak up some sun at the pool.Hanging out at the pool in a Hawaiian shirt

Plate Lunch

If you were actually visiting Hawaii, chances are you would have a “plate lunch” at least once. Two of the most popular places are Rainbows Drive In and Grace’s Drive In where you will find an assortment of local favorites like loco moco, chicken katsu, mixed plate, hamburger steak, shoyu chicken, etc. Most of these plate lunches are comfort food in Hawaii and are pretty easy to make. For example, a loco moco is a hamburger patty on rice topped with brown gravy and an egg. Enjoy your plate lunch in your back yard or out of the back of your car.

Plate lunch in the back of a car

Watch a Movie or Show Filmed in Hawaii

Another way to virtually transport yourself to Hawaii is to watch a movie filmed in Hawaii. Whether you watch classis like From Here to Eternity or Blue Hawaii or more recent movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall or 50 First Dates, you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of Hawaii. If movies aren’t your thing, another option is to watch episodes of Hawaii Five-0 or Magnum PI. And if you watch Magnum PI, be sure to wear one of the Magnum PI shirts to really put you in the mood. 

Happy Hour

At the end of the day, there’s no better way to celebrate like you’re in Hawaii than with a cold tropical drink. When in doubt you can always go with a classic man tai or the time-tested glass of wine!

backyard happy hour glass of wine

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