Magnum PI Halloween Costume

Magnum PI Halloween Costume

Are you going to a Halloween party? If so, we highly recommend going as Thomas Magnum, the ultimate aloha shirt wearing private investigator. All you need are a few simple things starting first and foremost with the Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt. To complete the look, put on a Detroit Tigers baseball cap and a thick manly mustache. If you don’t have one or can’t grow one, get a fake one at your local party store or online. Put on some aviator glasses the way Magnum sometimes did when he drove around solving crime in his red Ferrari. And you get extra bonus points if you wear the tight short shorts that he wore in the show back in the 80s.

Magnum PI costume

We had a chance to test out this costume at a recent sake tasting party. After seeing this, a couple other party goers decided that they wanted to wear this costume to their Halloween costume party in the coming weeks. Another one will forgo the fake mustache and will attempt to grow a real one. It may not look as cool as Tom Selleck's mustache, but it's the effort that counts. Be sure to check out our Instagram feed for more pics!

Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt Costume for Halloween

Fake mustache, real Detroit Tigers cap, and an authentic Magnum PI shirt at a sake party 

trying to grow a mustache for a Magnum PI costume

If you have the time, try growing a mustache for your Magnum PI costume rather than putting on a fake one. The fake one feels funny because it is taped on your lip which makes it feel hot.