Our Top 5 Hawaiian Shirt Looks for this Summer

Our Top 5 Hawaiian Shirt Looks for Summer 2019

Nothing says summer quite like a cool Hawaiian shirt. But since these shirts are so diverse in their colors and design that there is no single Hawaiian shirt look to rule all looks. Different occasions or moods call for different shirt styles. Here are our Top 5 Hawaiian shirt looks for summer.

Relaxed Day Look
Summertime is warm weather time. And to stay cool when you are out in the sun, we suggest wearing a light-colored Hawaiian shirt like this Islander Fronds cream shirt paired with dark khakis or darker shorts.

relaxed daytime Hawaiian shirt look

Relaxed Evening Look
If you’re planning to go out for a summer date night or out with some friends, but you want to maintain a tropical vibe, we recommend a dark Aloha shirt like this Calla Lily purple shirt with dark or black jeans.

Calla Lily Purple Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt with black jeans

Vintage Look
Retro Hawaiian shirts inspired by vintage prints of the 1930s – 1950s have stood the test of time. They also have the added bonus of not having to fit contemporary fashion because the whole point of the shirt is to showcase the style from decades ago. So if the shirt doesn’t quite measure up to today’s trends, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s better that way. To achieve this look, we recommend a retro shirt with khaki slacks. If your hair will allow it, slick it or do a side comb as was the style back in the 50s. 

Yves in a retro Hawaiian shirt look

Popular Midnight Palms and Hula Teal vintage style shirts

Blue Jeans Look
We love the timelessness of casual blue jeans but when it comes to upping your style game, it’s always good to have a pair of modern fit jeans in your closet. Wear your favorite shirt with it. And for that added “effortlessly casual” look, wear the shirt unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath.

Hawaiian shirt with blue jeans look

Mini Anthurium shirt buttoned and Midnight Bamboo shirt unbuttoned with blue jeans

Party Look
We love parties! And this look is the easiest. We recommend wearing a loud shirt that is just bursting with colors. Or you can wear a novelty shirt that features beer, music, animals or anything shows off your passion and wild side. One thing to keep in mind is that most Hawaiian shirts are inherently fun and good to go to a party. The real key ingredient is not so much the shirt, but the attitude and energy you bring with it. 

ready to party in a Wild Things Aloha shirt

Ready for good times in this Wild Things Aloha shirt

BBQ party in a Magnum PI shirt

You can't go wrong partying in a Magnum PI shirt

beer Hawaiian shirt with a corona beer

Beer is My Life shirt for those who like beer


happy hour party in retro shirt

Night out with some friends in a colorful retro Hawaiian shirt

A Final Note:
One thing to keep in mind is that style is all about how YOU want to wear it. All of the looks above are just guidelines. It’s totally okay to combine different aspects of different looks to come up with one that suits your style. So whether your prefer a clean tight look or a loud clashing look, embrace it and go for it! Life is way too short to worry about what others think about your style.