Paradise Found Star Orchid Green Hawaiian Shirt Is Back

Return of the Green Star Orchid Hawaiian Shirt

The History of the Star Orchid Green Hawaiian Shirt and Its Comeback


The green Star Orchid Hawaiian Shirt is back! This color of the Star Orchid shirts by Paradise Found has become something of a fashion legend due to its roots on the original Magnum, P.I. TV series and the fact that it has been out of production since before it became famous. This shirt has been one of the most requested shirts from Magnum PI fans over the years, both here at and over at Paradise Found.

In this article, we'll explore the fascinating journey of this iconic shirt — from its origins in the 1980 and its popularity among Magnum P.I. fans to its return after a 4-decade hiatus. But first, here's a quick rundown of Hawaiian why Hawaiian shirts are so popular today, which paved the path for why so many people have asked us about the green Star Orchid shirt.

The Rise to Fame: Hawaiian Shirts in Pop Culture

Diving into the world of popular culture, it's hard not to notice something that keeps popping up - the Hawaiian shirt. As colorful as the island's landscapes and as casual as its easygoing lifestyle, these shirts have become a symbol of relaxation and liberation in movies, music, and fashion.

Hollywood Celebrities and their Hawaiian Shirt Moments

In the glamorous days of old Hollywood, specifically the 1950s and '60s, we saw big stars like Elvis Presley and Montgomery Clift wearing these tropical patterns in movies like Blue Hawaii and From Here to Eternity. These scenes weren't just about choosing what to wear; they were powerful endorsements that shot Hawaiian shirts from being a local curiosity to an international craze.


Hawaiian Shirts: Still Going Strong Today

Now, let's fast forward to today. Guess what? The love for Hawaiian shirts is still burning bright! Movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet and Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas have both rocked eye-catching Aloha shirts that match their unique personalities.

Not only are they a hit on the silver screen, but musicians have also joined in on this fashion adventure. Remember The Beach Boys? They used to wear these tropical prints on their album covers, solidifying their image as the coolest guys around. And more recently, Bruno Mars has been bringing back the classic charm of Aloha shirts in his music videos.

Thomas Magnum: Redefining Cool with Aloha Shirts

Magnum, P.I., a popular television series that aired from 1980 to 1988, made Hawaiian shirts extremely popular. The show's main character, Thomas Magnum, was played by none other than Tom Selleck. He portrayed a private investigator living in Hawaii, known for his distinct mustache, Detroit Tigers baseball cap and a collection of Hawaiian shirts.

When you think of Thomas Magnum, it's hard not to imagine him wearing a wide range of colorful Aloha shirts, the fashion symbol of his relaxed detective character. Tom Selleck's portrayal of this role in Magnum, P.I. made the Aloha shirt famous as a representation of effortless cool.

The Star Orchid Green Hawaiian Shirt: A Brief History

First, let's point out the the Hawaiian shirt that is most iconic on Magnum PI is the red Jungle Bird shirt. It is so famous, that it is in the Smithsonian Institute. However, the other shirt that Magnum fans remember is the green Star Orchid shirt that he wore in various promotional images for the show.

Back in 1980, the original Star Orchid shirt differed from the current one in that the flowers were densely packed together. The color that Tom Selleck wore early in the TV series was the green one. Interestingly, the shirt did not sell as well as Paradise Found had hoped so they modified the print by spreading out the flowers. They made a black version of the new print which greatly outsold the version with the more highly packed flowers, so they made a business decision to discontinue the dense design and pushed ahead with thew updated one. And over the years, this print has been made in around 14 different color ways.

The Long Hiatus

Despite appearing in various promotional ads and posters for Magnum, P.I., the green Star Orchid shirt simply disappeared from retail shelves even before it gained any traction. The revamped shirt sold extremely well in the black version and it is that color that has been in production ever since. Over a dozen different colors of the shirt came and went over the next 20 years but never the green one.

The Intrigue Never Stopped

Fans of TV shows and movies notice every little detail about the favorite characters and Magnum fans knew all about this long-lost, but not forgotten, green version of the shirt. Because it was in so many images for the show as well as scenes in the show and because it was never made after 1981, people seemed to want it even more. Over the years, nobody asked us for other colors of that shirt. But countless people emailed us specifically looking for the green one or asking if we knew whether it would ever return. When we got word in late 2023 from Paradise Found that they were bringing back the green on in early 2024, we were still fielding inquiries from fans and customers about the green shirt but remained tight-lipped.

Reviving a Legend: The the Star Orchid Green Hawaiian Shirt Returns

Several factors have contributed to its renewed popularity, with nostalgia being the key driver. People's longing for the past, their yearning for simpler times, and their attraction towards retro styles have all contributed to the continued interest and anticipation of the shirt. This isn't just any ordinary shirt; it represents something more - a reliving nostalgic era, a sense of effortless coolness, a laid-back lifestyle that many aspire to have.

The folks at Paradise Found reviewed the many different color swatches of fabric that they have in this print. After brief internal discussion, they placed an order for the green Star Orchid fabric along with an order for more of the black version. After that, it was simply a matter of waiting for the fabric to arrive. 

As soon as it arrived, they had the first batch cut, sews, and delivered to their warehouse for sale and distribution. Like all of their shirts, Paradise Found makes the Star Orchid shirt in Hawaii, just as they did way back in 1980. We are grateful that they are still able to make shirts in Hawaii to give fans a genuine piece of Made-in-Hawaii aloha wear that is made and shipped all around the world direct from Honolulu.

Once the shirts were available, people quickly placed orders online for the shirts. Many customers have told us that they have been waiting for years upon years for them to get their hands on the shirt. Depending on the store and website, we know that the green Star Orchid shirt is a top seller, sometimes even outselling super popular original red Magnum PI shirt. That is no easy feat considering that on our website, the original Magnum PI shirt is the #1 selling shirt of all time. We look forward to see people posting pictures on social media wearing this long-awaited shirt. 

    How to Wear It: Styling Tips for the Star Orchid Green Hawaiian Shirt

    The green Star Orchid Hawaiian shirt isn't just a blast from the past; it's a versatile piece that can spice up your wardrobe in countless ways. Here's how you can rock this iconic shirt with style:

    Star Orchid green Hawaiian shirt at the pool

    Beach Bound Bliss

    Pair it with light-colored shorts—think khaki or white—and espadrilles for an effortless beach look. Add a straw hat and some shades, and you're all set for sun-soaked adventures.

    Casual City Stroll

    Layer the shirt over a plain white tee, leave it unbuttoned for a relaxed vibe, and match it with dark denim jeans and sneakers. This outfit screams laid-back weekend.

    Office Aloha Fridays

    Dress it up with chinos and loafers for that casual-yet-professional Friday office attire. Tuck it in, throw on a leather belt, and you're ready to work in style.

    Summer Night Socials

    For those cooler evenings, consider wearing the shirt with light-wash jeans and a fitted blazer. The contrast of formal and tropical makes for an interesting fashion statement.