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April 22, 2019

So you got your new Hawaiian dress or shirt and want to send an awesome pic to your friends. Unless you are with someone who can take a picture for you, you’ll have to take a selfie. We’ve compiled a list of 10 simple tips to help you take better selfies so you can feel more confident and happy about sharing snapshots of your awesome life with your friends and family.

  1. Use natural light whenever possible. Natural light looks good. Flourescent light looks bad. The most flattering light will be at sunset when the sun has a warm glow and it shines gently onto your face. Noon lighting with the sun overhead will create unflattering shadows on your face. Use natural lighting whenever possible. (And don’t take selfies in the bathroom.)

    using natural lighting for selfies whenever possible

  2. Sometimes it cute to have your head just a little tilted rather than straight on. A simple head tilt can make your pic visually more interesting.tilting your head for a selfie
  3. Incorporate the other hand in the shot by playing with your hair hugging your shoulder, or even playing with a prop like a flower or a drink so it looks a little more played up to the camera rather just seeing the same pose over and over. Incorporating your hand in the picture can add a fun and playful effect.playing with hair in a selfie
  4. Sometimes no eye contact is cute and playful if you’re looking away taking a selfie. Looking like you're looking at something can make the picture seem more interesting.sometimes use no eye contact for a selfie
  5. Try taking a picture with the light BEHIND you rather than in front of you. This will give you a bit of a glow like an angel or something. And it could also result in less harsh light on your face.taking a selfie with lighting behind you can result in less lighting harshness on your face
  6. Lying down can create a visually different and interesting view than a typical standing or sitting selfie.lying down for a selfie
  7. Be aware of what’s behind you. Is your backdrop nice? Will it make your selfie look better or worse? Never underestimate the power of a great backdrop to turn a good selfie great! be aware of what's behind you in a selfie
  8. Know your angles. What’s your good side? Rather than face straight into the camera, turn your head a few degrees and show your good side to the camera. And taking a picture from slightly above your face can also create a more flattering angle. Almost everyone has a side they like better than the other. What’s yours?know which side is your good side in a selfie
  9. Put a filter on it. Filters are almost always more flattering than an untouched photo. Apps like Instagram have filters or you can download any number of photo editing apps on your phone to apply filters. Use filters to create the visual effect you want.selfie filters
  10. Think of your picture as a treat to your viewers or recipients. A treat could be something funny like a silly expression. Or it could be interesting by including a new outfit, something yummy, or a cool place. Or it could just be a beautiful and asthetically pleasing photo. Ask yourself if your picture is interesting to people other than yourself.A fun pic with a dude “photobombing” in the background.
We’d like to send a big shout out to Liz Polson for taking a bunch of selfies for this article. Mahalo, Liz!

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