March 20, 2020

Blue jeans. What can be more American? And since Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States, it makes perfect sense to wear a Hawaiian shirt with your favorite pair of blue jeans. But some Hawaiian shirts look better than others with different pairs of blue jeans. Here are some of our favorite shirt Hawaiian shirt + blue jeans looks.

Magnum PI Red and Black Shirts

If you want to wear the original red Magnum PI shirt, we would pair it with jeans that have some brown color in them. The warm earth tones of the jeans will complement the red color of the shirt a little better than jeans that are more blue. For the black version of the Magnum PI shirt, we recommend a darker and more blue pair of jeans. The black backgound of the shirt will match better with the darker tones of the jeans compared to a warmer toned pair of pants.

Magnum PI Red and Black Hawaiian Shirts with Blue Jeans

Remember that like everything on this list, style is about how YOU want to wear it. Case in point. Jay Hernandez wore the red Magnum PI shirt in Season 2 with gray jeans. Or more accurately, Magnum PI costume designer Ashley Heathcock chose this look for him. 

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Aloha Friday 🌈 from the set of Magnum P.I.!! Check out tonight’s ep, “He Came By Night” featuring some fantastic prints on our fantastic squad! Magnum wearing THE #classicmagnum Aloha shirt and Higgins wearing @parkernewyork 😻💃🌺 Costume designed x 🙋🏻‍♀️ me and Asst. Costume Designed x @rolling_on_shabbos rolling_on_shabbos @cdglocal892 Costume Supervisor x @fletchva8585 Mahalo to our incredible costume department❤️ . . . #aloha #alohafriday #tb #magnumpi #parkerny #paradisefoundshirt #parkerdress #alohashirt #alohaprint #costumedesigner #costumedesign #costumes #cbs #magnumpicbs #magnum #higgins #hawaii #onlocation #perditaweeks #jayhernandez #costumedesigners #friday #loveparker

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Midnight Bamboo Black Shirt

Another favorite shirt of ours is the Midnight Bamboo black. This shirt has a black backround and tiny white bamboo design elements. This shirt matches all kinds of jeans, including black jeans. But when it comes to blue jeans, we we’d wear it with darker shades. We love this shirt because it can pass as an Hawaiian shirt or just a regular shirt which makes it versatile. 

Midnight Bamboo black Hawaiian shirt with blue or black jeans


Star Orchid Shirt

The Star Orchid (aka Magnum Orchid) shirt is interesting because it has color tones that would make it match blue jeans with warmer tones or darker cooler tones. It matches with pretty much anything. We would wear with either a warmer toned blue jeans or black jeans. 

Star Orchid black Hawaiian shirt with two pairs of blue jeans

Calla Lily Purple Shirt

The purple Calla Lily shirt is special because Tom Selleck picked this shirt out himself from the Paradise Found showroom in downtown Honolulu in the 1980s. He wore it with different things on the show from khaki shorts to blue jeans. He wore it with very blue jeans while sitting on his red Ferrari in a promotional picture. This shirt has a purple background which would match with dark or black jeans. The shirt also has large brown leaves so it also looks good with jeans with warmer earth tones. So basically, it will match pretty much pair of jeans you have. For daytime, we would pair it with warmer tone jeans. And for night time, we would wear it with darker or black jeans.

Calla Lily purple Hawaiian shirt with blue or black jeans

Bamboo Paradise Navy Shirt

The Bamboo Paradise shirt comes in khaki, black, and navy. All three colors are popular. To wear with jeans, we like the navy one. Since the base color is navy, we would wear it with jeans that are several shades different than the shirt. We prefer it with blue jeans with warm tones and that is noticeable lighter than the shirt to provide some contrast. It doesn’t look bad with a darker and bluer pair of jeans, but we would wear it with the lighter pair.

Bamboo Paradise Navy Hawaiian shirt with two pairs of blue jeans

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