November 06, 2018

When you think of Magnum PI, you probably think of Tom Selleck in his classic red Aloha shirt. That Magnum PI shirt is actually in the Smithsonian. That ain't bad! 

Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt in the Smithsonian

Note that there is also a black version of the shirt that he wore on the show. But as famous as that red shirt is, it wasn't the only shirt made popular by the show. Here are three more "Magnum PI" shirts along with current pictures. 

First is the black "Star Orchid" shirt featuring white orchids on a black background. In the video at the bottom of this blog post, you can see Thomas Magnum wearing this shirt and ducking behind a wall after Higgins fires a cannon. 

Magnum PI Star Orchid black Hawaiian Shirt

The other one is the purple Calla Lily shirt. Man, the 80s sure had some tight jeans and some open buttoned shirts!

Magnum PI Calla Lily Purple Hawaiian Shirt

The third shirt is what we call Midnight Bamboo (aka Magnum Bamboo). It's hard to tell from the screen shot whether Magnum is wearing the black or navy version of this shirt as he knocks down a cold bottle of Coors. But no matter since we have both versions of the shirt. 

Midnight Magnum Bamboo Hawaiian Shirt

All three of these shirts are available now so if you're a fan of Magnum PI or need a costume idea, check these shirts out and the women's shirts and dresses in our Magnum PI Collection. The manufacturer of the shirt, Pacific Clothing, is working on bringing more of their old prints from the 80s that were worn on the show back into production. And we'll have those shirts as soon as they are ready!

In the meantime, relive the 80s and the awesomeness that was Magnum PI in the opening credits to the original series. Aloha!

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