Top 10 Men's Hawaiian Shirts of 2018

Top 10 Men's Hawaiian Shirts of 2018

At the end of each year, we like to look back and see which items were hot and which ones were not. Year in and year out, there are a few shirts that always seem to make the Top 10. Sometimes we get a new shirt that we are sure will be a top seller only to find out that nobody likes it. And other times, we get a shirt that we think will get a mediocre response only to find that people love it. But while a Top 10 list is fun, you shouldn't put too much weight into it because personal style is, well....personal. You don't wear a Hawaiian shirt because of the way it makes other people feel. You wear it because of how it makes YOU feel.  It doesn't matter if you're the only person who likes the new Aloha shirt you just bought. If you like it, that's all that matters. Now, having said all that, here are the Top 10 Men's Hawaiian Shirts for 2018.

#10 Tropic Flavor Orange Hawaiian Shirt - This orange shirt has always been popular. In addition to regular customers, several business customers ordered a bunch of these as outfits for corporate events.

Tropic Flavor Orange Hawaiian Shirt

#9 Bamboo Garden White Hawaiian Shirt - This white on white rayon shirt was often used for weddings. But Davis Rozitis (pro basketball player pictured below) liked it just as a regular shirt. 

Bamboo Garden White Men's Hawaiian Shirt

#8 White Flower Red Hawaiian Shirt - Both the red and blue versions of this shirt have a simple design which makes them very good as corporate or school event uniforms. If  complex shirt designs are too busy for your taste, shirts like this might be more your style. 

White Flower Red Hawaiian Shirt

#7 White Hibiscus Panel Hawaiian Wedding Shirt -  As its name implies, this shirt is often used for beach weddings or other informal ceremonies.

White Hibiscus Panel White Hawaiian Shirt

#6 Ferocious Flamingo Black Hawaiian Shirt - Flamingo shirts were hot in 2018. Celebrities like Jonah Hill have been spotted in various flamingo shirts. Most manufactures have some version or two of this shirt. We carry flamingo shirts from multiple manufactures.  

Ferocious Flamingo Black Hawaiian Shirt

#5 Magnum PI Black Hawaiian Shirt - The red Magnum PI shirt is iconic but Tom Selleck also wore this black version of the shirt on the 80s TV show. Depending on your taste and style, you might prefer this black shirt over the red one. 

Magnum PI Black Aloha Shirt

#4 White Hibiscus Panel Red Hawaiian Shirt - There is something about this red panel shirt that makes it a perennial best-seller. We've carried similar shirts from different manufactures but none have gotten the traction that this one has. The panel layout of the design can be slimming, especially in dress form. 

White Hibiscus Panel Red Hawaiian Shirt

#3 Magnum PI "Star Orchid" Black Hawaiian Shirt - This is yet another Magnum PI shirt. This one is officially named "Star Orchid" by the manufacturer and is the shirt featured on one of the Magnum PI posters that were printed in the 80s. 

Magnum Orchid Black Hawaiian Shirt

#2 Bamboo Garden Navy Hawaiian Shirt - This shirt's subtle design makes it a great choice if you need resort wear that's tropical but not too loud. A local high end transportation company chose this shirt as their uniform which we provided from women's size XS to men's 6XL. 

Bamboo Garden Navy Hawaiian Shirt

#1 Magnum PI Red Hawaiian Shirt - This shirt has always been a favorite but this year it was especially popular. The Magnum PI reboot probably contributed to this, even though the new Magnum hasn't worn this shirt yet. (Note: In January 2019, we will offer the red Aloha shirt that the new Higgins gave the new Magnum on the show.) We like to think that shirt brings out the inner Magnum PI in all of us. 

Magnum PI Red Hawaiian Shirt