the original and famous Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt

Top 10 Men's Shirts of 2020

Towards the end of each year we like to look back and see which shirts were most popular. During different times of the year, certain shirts are more popular than others and this jockeying for position takes place through the year. Sometimes an unexpected shirt goes on a hot streak that can boost its final ranking while a popular shirt can go on a cold streak to hurt its final ranking. With that in mind, here are the ten most popular men's Hawaiian shirts for 2020. 

10. Mini Anthurium Blue

This shirt was re-introduced recently and has been proven to be a popular shirt. Tom Selleck wore this shirt in the original Magnum PI. Jay Hernandez wore both the black and red versions of this shirt in the new Magnum PI.  

Mini Anthurium Blue Hawaiian Shirt by Paradise Found


9. Midnight Bamboo Black

Of all the shirts on this list (or most of our website for that matter), this Midnight Bamboo shirt is the non-Aloha Aloha shirt. It doesn't have the usual floral, scenic, or animal design that most other shirts. Tom Selleck wore this shirt (we're not 100% sure if he wore the black or navy version) in the original show. Jay Hernandez definitely wore this black version on the new Magnum Pi. 

Midnight Bamboo black Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

8. Bamboo Paradise Navy

We love how this Bamboo Paradise shirt in navy can be both understated of festive, depending on how you wear it. This shirt along with all the shirts on this list are also available in size 3XL (pictured below) and 4XL and is part of our Big Men's shirt collection

Bamboo Paradise navy men's Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

7. Bamboo Garden Black

Every man's gotta have a black shirt as part of his wardrobe. When it comes to clean sophistication, black is hard to beat. We love the subtle bamboo print that gives this shirt a touch of the Orient. 

Bamboo Garden black Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

6. Bamboo Garden Navy

Of all the Bamboo Garden colors, we like the navy version because it matches easily with anything from blue jeans to khaki shorts. It's not as serious as the black version or as specialized as the white version. It's just right!

Bamboo Garden navy men's Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

5. Bamboo Paradise Cream

The cream version of the ever popular Bamboo Paradise shirt always finds a way to make it onto the top 10 list. It looks tropical because of the Bird of Paradise yet has an Asian touch with the subtle bamboo in the print. The cream color make it very popular during the summer. 

Bamboo Paradise cream shirt and dress by Paradise Found

4. Calla Lily Purple

We love this Calla Lily shirt in purple. For one thing, not too many Aloha shirts come in purple. But another reason that makes this shirt so awesome is that Tom Selleck picked this shirt out at the offices of Paradise Found in downtown Honolulu back in the 80s when Magnum PI was being filmed. That is notable because for shows like Magnum PI, the costume design or wardrobe departments would pick out all the clothing for the main cast and extras to wear. But in the case of this shirt, the star himself picked it out.

Calla Lily purple men's Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found

3. Star Orchid 

This black Star Orchid shirt is awesome and we love wearing it. Tom Selleck wore a slightly different version of this print on the 80s Magnum PI. Despite this fact, the shirt was not a strong seller until Paradise Found had the print modified by moving the flowers further apart. After that, sales took off. Jay Hernandez also wore this current version of the shirt in Season 2 of the new Magnum PI.

Star Orchid men's shirt by Paradise Found

2. Magnum PI Black

The black version of the "Jungle Bird" print is not as the red one that was made famous by Tom Selleck on Magnum PI but we think it is actually easier to wear with different outfits different occasions. 

Magnum PI black shirt by Paradise Found

1. Magnum PI Red

It should come as no surprise that the #1 shirt of 2020 is the original red Magnum PI shirt. Not only did Tom Selleck wear it on the 1980s show, but Jay Hernandez wore it on the new series. 

original Magnum PI red Hawaiian shirt by Paradise Found