May 16, 2019

Summer is almost here and if your warm-weather attire needs a refresh, it’s worth checking out the fashion trends for 2019. Thanks to New York Fashion Week, we’ve already gotten a good glimpse into what will be hot for the dog days of summer. Check out these top 10 outfits for this summer and add a few of the ideas to your rotation.

  1. Lavender Everything — Purples have been gracing the runways for a couple of years now and this summer is no exception. Instead of the deep purples of the fall or winter, lighter shades of lavender will dominate summer styles. From purple Hawaiian shirts to lavender clutches and swimsuits, you’ll be seeing a lot of this flattering feminine hue.
  2. Yellow Hawaiian Shirts — Fun, festive and flirty, you can’t go wrong with a yellow Hawaiian shirt this summer. Choose one that has plenty of lemon, marigold or some other variation of yellow and let your inner islander come out to play.
    yellow shark Hawaiian shirt
  3. Tie Dye Tunics — Tunics have been on-trend for a while now and that isn’t changing for 2019. However, make things a little more fun by adding a funky splash of tie dye. You can create your own pattern on a white tunic for a fun-filled summer activity or you can buy one already made.
  4. Living Coral Accessories — The 2019 Pantone color of the year is living coral. This sociable and spirited color welcomes and encourages your joyful pursuits, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing it in accessories and even incorporated into clothing like bright Hawaiian shirts.
  5. Rompers — Like previous years, rompers are still going to be popular picks for 2019. The short, one-piece outfits are easy to wear and won’t take up a ton of space in your luggage, so they’re the perfect vacation outfit. Heading to the beach? There’s nothing better than a tube romper on a hot day. 
    blue pineapple Romper
  6. Long Dresses — Not quite bold enough to don a romper? No problem. The 2019 summer season is all about variety, and long dresses are all over the runway. Light dresses in even lighter colors with plenty of feminine accents like lace, crochet edging and ruffles are one of the year’s hottest summer must-haves.long white Hawaiian dress 
  7. Bucket Hats — Make any outfit trendy with the addition of a funky bucket hat. Brighten up your look by popping on your favorite bucket hat. Pack one with your favorite Hawaiian shirt for a weekend getaway.
  8. Floral Prints — Florals are fun, lively and the perfect choice for summer, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been seen on runways this year. When choosing a floral print, go big and go bold. We love the idea of a fun Hawaiian dress for a beach wedding. 
    big flower print Hawaiian dress
  9. Patchwork — Patchwork is one of the funkier trends of 2019. We’re seeing it on dresses, jumpsuits, pants and more. If you’re into this look, you can pull it off successfully by pairing one patchwork piece with some simple solids. That way the patchwork remains the focal point of the outfit and won’t become overwhelming.
  10. Long Shorts — Shorts have been a big theme on the runway for not only ladies, but for men as well. Longer, leaner and more tailored looks are popular across the board. Even bicycle shorts will be popular. Pair your favorite long and lean shorts with a floral Hawaiian shirt or the top of your choice to create a fun, trendy outfit that you can wear virtually anywhere.
     long shorts and a retro Hawaiian shirt

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