Loryn in Bamboo Paradise black tank dress

Top 10 Women's Shirts and Dresses of 2019

Unlike men's shirt, which more or less all have a similar shape, women's clothing has far more styles and are more prone to fashion trends. Because of this, we never really know whether a new items will a fast seller or a slow one. But here we are at the end of 2019 and we have the numbers that clearly show us the Top 10 women's outfits of 2019. 

#10 Bamboo Paradise Black Tank Dress
This mid-length tank dress comes in other styles and men's shirts. If you're going to a nighttime tropical event, this dress is perfect!

Bamboo Paradise black mid-length-tank dress

#9 Kilauea Red Flounce Tank Dress

This print has been popular for quite a while. The sporty style of this dress make it a great dress to wear to a fun outdoor summer event. It even comes in matching men's shirts and other women's styles

Kilauea Red Flounce Tank Dress

#8 Paradise Jungle Red Button Front Tank Dress

Get this lovely dress while you can as this print is scheduled to be discontinued when fabric runs out. The blue version has already been discontinued. This dress also comes in black and in matching men's shirts

Paradise Jungle red button front tank dress

#7 Floral Garden Navy Sleeveless Shirt

We love the sporty look of this sleeveless shirt. We're also bummed that this shirt is also set to be discontinued. This print comes in many colors and styles

Floral Garden navy sleeveless women's Hawaiian shirt

#6 Jungle Dream Black Fitted Shirt

As soon as we saw this shirt, we had high expectations. It's not subtle, that's for sure. If you're looking to stand out, this shirt will do just that, especially if you get the matching men's shirt

Jungle Dream black fitted women's Hawaiian shirt

#5 Ms Monstera Purple Ruffle Shoulder Muumuu

Ever since this muumuu came out, it has been a top seller. We think part of the reason is that it is purple and there aren't many purple prints around compared to other colors. But whatever the reason, we love the look of this muumuu. 

Ms Monstera purple ruffle shoulder muumuu

#4 Wedding Flower Ruffle Shoulder Muumuu

All of the white muumuus we offer are strong sellers but the but are usually in limited supply. This muumuu is often purchased with the matching men's shirt

Wedding Flower White Ruffle Shoulder Muumuu

#3 Jungle Bird Tank Dress (red)

If this print looks familiar, it's because it is the same as the original Magnum PI print. If you're looking for a cool tropical party dress, this dress is awesome. 

Jungle Bird red tank dress (Magnum PI print)

#2 Kilauea Blue Flounce Tank Dress

This dress wasn't as popular during the first half of 2019 but it came on strong from late summer and is still surging as of this writing. It is enough to make it the second best selling dress for all of 2019. 

Kilauea blue flounce tank dress

#1 Wailea Wedding White Hibiscus Muumuu

This simple muumuu is the super popular, especially when paired with the matching men's shirt. It offers a flattering and forgiving fit with good arm coverage. We think that combination plus a lower price than other muumuu styles help make this muumuu the top dress of 2019. 

Wailea Wedding White Hibiscus Muumuu