Star Orchid (aka Magnum Orchid) spaghetti dress by Paradise Found

Top Ten Women's Tops & Dresses of 2020

With such a variety of prints, styles, and cuts for women's aloha wear, it is difficult to predict which tops and dresses will make it in the top ten for the year. Tops are always popular. Long dresses are more popular in cooler months while short dresses are more popular in warmer months. Here are the top ten most popular women's tops and dresses of 2020.  

10. Diamond Head Beach (Maize) Fitted Top

This Diamond Head Beach print, which also comes in blue, was popular this year as a family set. We can't count the number of times people ordered matching men's and women's outfits along with boys and girls outfits. 

Diamond Head Beach Maize Fitted Top

9. Kilauea (Red) Fitted Top

This Kilauea red fitted top is popular all year. Like some other prints on this list, this shirt is often ordered as part of a matching set

Kilauea Red Fitted Top

8. Star Orchid Spaghetti Dress

This dress was introduced in late 2019 though the print has been around years in the women's top and the men's shirt. The men's shirt in particular has been super popular as it is one of the Magnum PI shirts. While that does not automatically mean a dress version of the print will be popular, in this case it definitely was. This dress was especially popular in the summer and at the end of the year pushing it comfortably into the Top 10.  

Star Orchid Spaghetti Dress by Paradise Found

7. Jungle Bird (Red) Spaghetti Dress

The classic Jungle Bird print in red is popular whether it is the men's shirt or a fun and flirty slip dress. This spaghetti dress has always been a customer favorite but became even more so in 2020. 

Jungle Bird red spaghetti dress by Paradise Found6. Bamboo Paradise (Navy) Button Front Long Dress

The Bamboo Paradise print is always a strong seller as it looks nice and tropical without blinding you with explosive colors. And this print is particularly striking in this full-length dress. 

Bamboo Paradise Navy button front long dress by Paradise Found

5. Jungle Bird (Red) Camp Shirt

Tom Selleck wore this print in Magnum PI and Paradise Found also makes it in this comfy women's camp shirt. As far as couples outfits go, it's hard to beat a matching Magnum PI outfit

 Jungle Bird (Magnum PI) Women's Top

4. Kilauea Navy Flounce Dress

You'll look feminine, flirty and ready for some fun in the sun when you wear the Kilauea Blue Flounce Hawaiian tank dress. This style in general has been super popular year in and year out and the Kilauea print is a classic. 

Kilauea Navy Flounce Dress

3. Jungle Bird (Red) Mid-Length Tank Dress

This Jungle Bird dress is the same print as the original Magnum PI men's shirt. And as you would expect, that makes this dress a customer favorite. 

Jungle Bird Red Tank Dress (Magnum PI print)

2. Tropic Fever (Purple) Mid-Length Dress

The purple Tropic Fever dress has been a top 2 or 3 item for what seems like forever. This dress is often purchased with the matching men's shirt. We've been. hearing rumors that the Pacific Legend may discontinue this dress style. We certainly hope this is no the case but until the make that decision, we will continue to enjoy the lovely tropical vibe of this classic.

Tropic Fever Purple Dress

1. Tropic Fever (Purple) Fitted Top

The purple version of Tropic Fever continues to amaze us with its sustained popularity. We think part of the reason is that there aren't many purple aloha shirts or dresses in general so anyone looking for purple will probably choose this. It's also a striking print which works both as a company shirt or uniform as well as vacation wear. 

Tropic Fever Purple Fitted Top