November 16, 2017

Aloha shirt with solid shorts vs Aloha shirt with printed shorts

So now you have an awesome new Hawaiian shirt or blouse and are ready to wear it and go somewhere. Here’s a very simple fashion tip that applies not only to Aloha wear, but to fashion in general. If you are going to wear a Hawaiian print top, you should wear a solid non-printed shorts or pants and vice versa. It may be natural to think,”If I look awesome with this Aloha shirt, then if I wear it with an Aloha print shorts I will be TWICE as awesome!”

Sadly, this is not true. You will either look fashionably odd (although there is nothing wrong with that if that’s the look you’re going for) or depending on the print you could actually look like a clown. We think the best look is to wear a pair of neutral colored shorts or pants with your colorful Aloha print top. And if you wearing an Aloha print bottom, then a simple solid shirt should be sufficient. You’ll look tropical either way without going overboard.

women's floral top with solid shorts vs printed top and bottom

On their own, a Hawaiian print shirt or bottom looks tropically stylish. But wearing them together is generally not a good look.

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