what to wear to a Hawaiian theme party luau - Hawaiian shirt and dress

What Should You Wear to a Hawaiian Luau Party?

A traditional Hawaiian luau party is an island style celebration of food, music and dancing. Since luaus are casual affairs, you can blend right in with locals and visitors by adapting the customary luau attire.

Wear Colorful Prints

The Hawaiian Islands are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Many come here just to see and enjoy our magnificent beaches and vistas teeming with native plants and Hawaiian flowers. Everywhere you go, you see people of all ages wearing colorful prints inspired by nature. Most luaus take place outdoors and Aloha wear represents the beauty of the land. It also represents clothing styles worn by various island cultures participating in luau activities.

Look Island Fresh in a Hawaiian Shirt

One of the most popular looks you’ll see at a luau party is the classic Hawaiian shirt. Everybody wears them. Men, women, teens and kids. The reason for their popularity is simple. They’re a lot of fun to wear, they’re comfortable and they can be worn in numerous places without blinking an eye. Two favorite luau shirt looks for men are the all-over print shirts and scenic print shirts. Hawaiian shirts for women include camp shirts, fitted and sleeveless styles.

Choose a Classic Aloha Sundress

Hawaiian dresses are a popular fashion choice for luaus. As far as sundresses go, you can choose any style that looks flattering. Dress prints tend to be bright and colorful, just like many Aloha shirt prints. These dresses often feature bold flowers on a solid color background. It’s hard not to feel beautiful and upbeat when wearing any of our colorful sundresses. Short tank dresses and breezy mid-length dresses are popular for casual outings. In the end, there’s no right or wrong style to pick. Simply wear whatever dress makes you feel the most comfortable for this kind of event.

Shorts or Slacks?

Are shorts better for a luau or should you wear slacks? Well, the answer depends on your personal preference. People tend to wear both. The weather may play a role in your decision. Shorts are the cooler option for days when the temperatures are hot. Slacks are okay for rainy days or slightly cooler temperatures. Keep in mind that a luau is a big event and you alternate between standing and sitting. Consider which style of bottom makes you feel most at ease.

When pairing shorts or slacks with Aloha tops, your best color options are white, cream, beige, khaki, olive or navy.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

Luaus are laid-back affairs and there’s no need to weigh your look down with a bunch of accessories. A pair of sunglasses is all you need to look fashionable, but they’re optional too. Everyone attending a luau receives a beautiful lei to wear during the party. By the way, leis and Aloha wear look awesome together. For a hair accent, ladies can place a single tropical flower just behind the ear. The flower is worn behind the right ear to signify single status or left ear if you’re in a relationship.

If you must carry a handbag, leave the chunky one behind. Instead, choose a light, small bag, preferably one with a shoulder strap. There’s a lot to see at a luau and lugging around a heavy purse may put a damper on your good time.