January 24, 2019

Hawaii is a magical place to enjoy a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon. Depending on who you ask, there’s a laundry list of useful items that can help make your stay a pleasant one. In the true spirit of Aloha, we’ve created a short vacation packing list of essential items to bring along on your Hawaiian vacation.

Hawaiian Shirts

The iconic Hawaiian shirt is famous for its bold design and vivid color combinations. This classic tropical shirt style is worn by men, women and kids of all ages and backgrounds. Because everyone has a favorite design style, our Hawaiian shirts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Having one or more of these shirts to wear during your stay helps you feel right at home with the locals.

Aloha Summer Dresses

Ladies who want an alternative to the shirt and shorts look can slip on a beautiful Aloha dress. We recommend packing two types of dresses. One for casual activities and one suitable for evenings out on the town. Aloha dresses for girls are just as comfortable and colorful as those designed for women.

Swimsuit Coverup

Wearing that figure-flattering swimsuit feels great while you’re at the beach or hanging out underneath a waterfall. However, you may feel a bit too exposed after leaving those areas. This issue is easily resolved with a swimsuit coverup. Simply slip it on for a quick beach to street transition.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

There’s certainly a lot to see and do on the Big Island of Oahu, on Hawaii and their sister islands. We have gorgeous beaches, tree-lined hiking trails, museums, cultural activities and volcanoes galore. Exploring these places often involves walking. A sturdy pair of walking shoes, or sandals with thick protective bottoms, keep your feet protected from dirt, debris and rough surfaces.

Tip: Mesh shoes keep feet cool and their soles give you the traction you need to traverse all types of terrain.

Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

Many visitors are surprised at the intensity of Hawaii’s sun rays. Sunburn can happen quickly, even while resting in the shade. Avoid painful sunburn by wearing reef-safe sunscreen during the day. The great thing about this type of sunscreen is that it doesn’t contain chemicals that are harmful to our precious coral reefs. Help protect our reefs by avoiding sunscreen containing oxybenzone and other toxins.

Lightweight Hooded Jacket

The typical image of Hawaii is one of endless sunny days and gently swaying palm trees near sun-soaked beaches. Yes, it’s all that. But, what you may not know is it can get a bit breezy at times due to tropical winds. Pack a light jacket to wear just in case it gets chilly. Oh, and it’s a myth that it never rains — it does, and at unexpected times. If you don’t want to carry an umbrella, a hooded jacket keeps your hair dry during a downpour.

Waterproof Photo Accessories

Imagine going snorkeling and you suddenly see a cute sea turtle among a swarm of colorful fish. It’s a perfect photo opportunity, but you miss it because you don’t have a waterproof camera. Or, let’s say you’re standing in the surf near the beach and whip out your smartphone to take a quick pic. The phone slips out of your wet hand and sinks to the silty bottom. Not only have you lost a good picture, but your phone is toast. Accessories such as waterproof cameras, flotation straps and waterproof phone cases make picture taking a breeze.

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