What to Wear to a Romantic Beach Wedding

What to Wear to a Romantic Beach Wedding

One of the most romantic places in the world to get married is the beach. Couples love the natural sand and surf backdrop. Now all you need to figure out is what to wear in such a casual setting. Beaches can be balmy, but they can be breezy too. Oh, and there’s the sand to deal with. This quick guide gives you some good ideas for choosing appropriate outfits for this popular wedding theme.

Loose and Comfortable

Balmy beach weather can cause form-fitting clothes to feel clingy and hot. Traditional dresses and suits may look spiffy, but they can be too uncomfortable for the wedding party and guests. Consider opting for casual resort wear styles that allow you to move freely without feeling sweaty. Aloha wear is made to be worn in warm climates, and you can wear it confidently in hot or breezy weather.

The Tropical Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom in matching muumuu and Hawaiian wedding shirt(Photo: matching print wedding muumuu and Aloha shirt)

Brides and grooms can choose to wear tropical chic styles for their wedding attire. This is a no-fuss option that fits the beach setting perfectly. The groom looks relaxed and handsome in a classy button-down white wedding Hawaiian shirt. Luxurious floral prints make a great match for the bride’s wedding dress.

Brides can opt for a traditional wedding white muumuu dress with ruffles. Or, a laid-back white wedding dress in a short or mid-length style. Accessories are not necessary, but brides can wear stud or drop earrings for extra feminine flair.

Wedding Guest Beach Fashion

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt at an informal beach wedding

Remember, an invitation to a beach wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing regular beach attire. Bathing suits, swim trunks and cover-ups are a definite no go. Thinking about wearing jeans or t-shirts? Strike those off your list. It’s a wedding, so choose clothes that make you look stylish and classy.

Beach dresses. You have several options when choosing an Aloha dress to wear for this occasion. Women of all ages look lovely in muumuus, a popular full-length dress with ruffles at the top and bottom. Muumuus come in a range of colors and floral prints and they flow nicely when you walk. If you prefer a sleeveless dress, consider opting for a sleeveless mid-length floral tank dress. These chic floral dresses are ideal for warm temperatures. If the dress code is a bit more formal, choose a sophisticated long tank dress.

Beach shirts. Hawaiian shirts are perfectly fine to wear to beach weddings. Solid colors or floral patterns are preferable over other types of print themes. Popular floral styles for men include bamboo, hibiscus and Tahitian garden. Hawaiian shirts for women also feature colorful floral designs.

Bottoms. Khaki, cream or white slacks go beautifully with most Aloha style floral shirts. Relaxed-fit styles are better for movability. The same goes for shorts. As far as shirt-tucking goes, tuck it in if the dress code requires it. If not, feel free to let the bottom flow over your pants, if that’s your style.

Shoes or bare feet? Dress shoes and sand don’t mix well together, and this is especially true for high heels. The trend is to check your shoes at the shoe check station. This is a relief for guests who enjoy walking on the sand in bare feet. But, what if you can’t stand the feeling of sand between your toes? Some weddings provide flip flops, or you can bring your own neutral-colored flip flops to wear for the ceremony.