Parrot Island Hawaiian Shirts and Dresses

When wearing Parrot Island apparel, you can't help but feel ready for a sunny day by the ocean. These couples Hawaiian shirts and dresses are a style statement to make on the boardwalk or the beach. The parrot has long been one of the most endearing tropical birds, and our engineered print Hawaiian apparel makes this talkative bird the centerpiece. Several macaw parrots are perched among palm trees, hibiscus and other island plants looking out upon the waves, with additional faint palms in the sky to fill out the top half. The lively colors and striking prints are quintessential Aloha for those in search of an island adventure.
Shop today and get floral men's Hawaiian shirts and women's tank dresses that will bring the party wherever you go. Parrot Island couples apparel is exactly the right type of clothes for Hawaii or any other tropic destination (we won't judge). We offer these shirts and dresses in ocean blue, bright orange or vintage white to match your skin tone and personal tastes. They are made of 100 percent cotton that's sturdy and breathable for your next date night or romantic trip. Wearing them will make any occasion more lively and fun - and you and your beau will be right at the center of it.

All of our Parrot Island attire is made in Hawaii and is sure to fill you with joy before you even put it on. It's a perfect way to surprise a loved one before you head out on a vacation, liven up a house party or to wear as part of a double date. Our knowledgeable customer service is here to assist with any questions. Want to see these shirts and dresses for Hawaii in their element? We have a number of photo galleries of this and other couples apparel on our Fun tuff page along with articles about how to add more Aloha to your life.