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February 06, 2019

Celebrities love Hawaiian shirts. Aloha shirts are a symbol of a fun, laidback attitude that is often associated with people in the entertainment world. And over the years, many have been spotted wearing shirts that are available on our website. Here are just a few.

Bruno Mars (Midnight Palms)

For those of you who don’t know, Bruno Mars was born and raised in Hawaii. In fact, he has a connection to Elvis Presley because as a kid, he often performed as a young Elvis at shows in Waikiki with his musical family. He even performed in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas in 1992. (clip below)

Bruno has been seeing wearing the Midnight Palms navy Hawaiian shirt in some of his concerts. While he may no longer live in Hawaii, he takes a bit of Hawaii with him wherever he goes.

Mila Kunis (Red Parrot Shirt)

Aloha shirts are not just for the guys. Women can wear them too! In the comedy, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Mila Kunis is seen sporting a red shirt which we should have available in before summer of 2019. (The men's shirt is available now.) Interestingly, when she acted in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall where she played a hotel worker in Hawaii, we don’t recall her wearing an Aloha shirt in the entire movie. She did wear one or two Hawaiian dresses. But in The Spy Who Dumped Me, which does not take place in Hawaii, she wore an Aloha shirt. 

Jonah Hill (Ferocious Flamingo)

Jonah Hill has appeared in several movie and TV shows where he wears an Aloha shirt. In 2017, he was seeing wearing a black shirt with pink flamingos reportedly while filming the Netflix show Maniac. At the time, people were shocked at the look-transformation he was going through. While we can’t say for certain, the shirt in the tweet appears to be the Ferocious Flamingo black Hawaiian shirt.

Ferocious Flamingo Black Hawaiian shirt

Elvis Presley (Blue Hawaii)

Elvis loved Hawaii. He even acted and sang in a movie called Blue Hawaii that was released in 1961. Elvis wore a red Hawaiian shirt with white flowers that is featured on the soundtrack and other promotional imagery. Avanti Designs created a print based off that shirt (not exactly the same) and is available through our website nearly 5 decades later. 

Shirt worn by Elvis Presley in movie Blue Hawaii


Jon Lovitz (Blue Hawaii Elvis Shirt)

Jon Lovitz has also been seen in a couple different vintage print Aloha shirts. Two of them are by Avanti Design. He has been seen in the same Midnight Palms navy Aloha shirt worn by Bruno Mars. He also took a picture inside the Avanti store in Waikiki wearing the Blue Hawaii red Elvis Aloha shirt.

Jay Hernandez (Magnum PI 2018 reboot)

You can’t have a Magnum PI reboot and not have Aloha shirts so it is not surprising that Jay Hernandez who plays the new Magnum PI is seen wearing various aloha shirts in different episodes. The producers realized that they needed to be careful about giving the new Magnum a Hawaiian look without making it seem like they were trying to duplicate or replace the original Magnum. So it seems that they waited a few episodes into the season before they had him wear an Aloha shirt. So at the end of Episode 8 (Season 1), Thomas Magnum receives a fiery red Aloha shirt as a gift from Higgins. We call this shirt the Fire Breeze Red Hawaiian shirt. And from that point on, Magnum wears a different Aloha shirt in almost every episode.

See Magnum wearing the red Fire Breeze shirt in the episode promo below. 


See Magnum wearing the Ohia Lehua black shirt in the promo clip for Season 1, Episode 11 (Nowhere to Hide). Unfortunately, this shirt is probably going out of production although we still have a few left as of 1/30/19.

See Magnum wearing the Vintage Surfer navy shirt in the promo clip for Season 1, Episode 14 (The Deceased). 


See Magnum in Season 1, Episode 10 (Bad Day to be a Hero) wearing Makai yellow Hawaiian shirt. This shirt has recently been discontinued by the manufacturer, Avanti, but we still have a few left in stock.


See both Jay Hernandez and Ken Jeong wear this retro Orchid Panel red clay shirt in Season 1, Episode 12 (Winner Takes All). This shirt is discontinued but we will have it on our website for as long as it lasts. 



Tom Selleck (Magnum PI, 1980s)

Hawaiian shirts that were worn on Magnum PI (1980s version)

If there is one celebrity who is synonymous with Aloha shirts, it is Tom Selleck in his role as Thomas Magnum in the 80s show Magnum PI. In fact, this shirt is so iconic that it is in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. One interesting thing about this famous shirt is that it became famous by chance. See our article about the history of the Magnum PI shirt and how it became the most iconic Aloha shirt. He’s worn so many of the shirts that we created a special Magnum PI shirt collection in our store as well as a blog post about the other Magnum PI shirts.

Magnum PI shirt in the Smithsonian Museum of American History


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