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Ferocious Flamingo White Hawaiian Shirt

Pacific Legend


If you're ever lost in an African plain (or the zoo), beware of the Ferocious Flamingo! BTW, did you know that the flamingo's "knee" that bends backwards is not really the knee, but the ankle? Everything from that joint down is the flamingo's foot. Mind. Blown! At least we think so. Someone in the office saw it on Animal Planet or something.Anyways, this shirt is made of 100% cotton and has a matched pocket and real coconut buttons. 

Made in Hawaii.

Size Chart (inches)
Size Chest Length
Medium 40 30
Large 44 31
XLarge 48 32
2XL 53 33
3XL 56 34

Manufacturer's Recommendation: When in doubt, order 1 size larger. If you have a size 40 chest, you should go with a size LARGE instead for extra comfort.

Vendor: Pacific Legend

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