3 Hawaiian Shirt Looks for Summer 2020

3 Hawaiian Shirt Looks for Summer 2020

Summer is usually the season of fun in the sun. And even though the coronavirus has undoubtedly impacted your summer plans at least a little bit, we know that won't stop you from making the most of life, wherever you live. Here are our top 3 aloha shirt looks for this summer. 

Toned Down Look

When you think of a Hawaiian shirt, you probably think of a shirt that is loud and over the top in bold colors. We are obviously huge fans of these shirts and look for any excuse to wear them. But not all situations call for a loud overpowering shirt. For example, for many Hawaii residents, Aloha shirts are one step above t-shirts and one step below a button-down long sleeve dress shirt. For this reason, appropriately toned-down Aloha shirts can be worn to a diverse range of occasions including office attire, weddings, and even funerals. Usually in these situations you don't want to wear something that calls too much attention to yourself. So if you want a look that has just enough dash of Aloha without standing out from 100 yards away, a simple shirt with a subtle tropical print is just the thing to wear.  

Loryn relaxing in a black Bamboo Garden Hawaiian shirt

Bamboo Garden Black Hawaiian Shirt (available in men's and women's styles)


The Chill and Relax Look

During this summer of social distancing, you're probably more than your usual dose of your favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix. And if you're fortunate enough to have a job that enables you to work from home, wearing an Aloha shirt with a little more pop will brighten your mood while you hammer away at your to-do list. These shirts have enough color to feel happy and upbeat, but not so much that they scream at your eyes or make you feel like you're at some raging pool party. 

Calla Lily purple Hawaiian shirt (Magnum PI shirt) and a glass of red wine

Relax in a Calla Lily shirt (also worn by Tom Selleck on Magnum PI)

Let's Party Look

What you wear can have a big impact on how you feel. Specifically, if you have fun memories associated with a particular shirt or outfit, those emotions will rub off on you when you wear it. So if you're like us and you REALLY miss partying with awesome friends and strangers in a crowded place without a care in the world, we suggest wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt that screams PARTY! There's no need to be subtle or understated here. Even if all you're doing is having a happy hour Zoom party, wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt is a visual reminder to you and everyone else that you live your life with Aloha and refuse to let the seriousness of the world get you down. 

party for two in matching Magnum PI Hawaiian shirts for men and women

Party for two in matching Magnum PI Hawaiian shirts

Loryn in Jungle Dream women's Hawaiian shirt

Nothing subtle about this Jungle Dream shirt (also available in men's style)

Davis Rozitis is ready to party in orange Sunset Glow shirt

Davis ready for good times in an orange Sunset Glow shirt